The Future of Grendelsong

As some of you may have known, the editor of Grendelsong (Paul Jessup) has been having serious health issues again. After years of remission, his multiple sclerosis is once again active. This has been a drain on time and resources he had been funneling into Grendelsong, and has caused multiple delays. I won’t get into the nitty gritty. But needless to say, things have to change in order for Grendelsong to keep going.

Here is our plan going forward.

What does this mean for the future of Grendelsong?
The magazine will not fold. It will be bringing on the new co-editor Fábio Fernandes, to share some of the burden of editing. I’ve known and worked with Fábio for quite a while over the years and found that he understands exactly what I’m doing (and want to continue doing) with Grendelsong.

We are also moving to a yearly anthology. It will still have a copy on the web, as well as print and ebook copies for sale in an online store. The yearly web anthology feels like a natural outgrowth towards the time and resources available to us, and the magazine had been heading in that direction anyway.

In order to keep the magazine solvent, we will have to make some changes. Currently, with electronic subscriptions we are not breaking even. This is to be expected with a new magazine, and I had originally planned to fund the first two years until it gets “back on its feet” so to speak. Due to medical bills and such, this has become less of a possibility.

As I said above, we’re not folding. The move to annual anthology also gives us a better budget for the year. It allows us to focus on interesting stories, and yes, do very interesting things. In order to keep it solvent and not have it dependent on the head editor’s personal income, we will have a small kickstarter to fund the next few years of the magazine.

I think this is very possible and within reach. The amount will be do-able, and won’t be a strain on anyone. By my budget calculations, we could probably get three years’ worth of funding with a single kickstarter, and have the amount we aim for be less than the majority of other magazines and single anthologies that use kickstarter.

The third Issue
We already have the majority of content for the third issue. But I will be discussing with our new co-editor the table of contents, and maybe get another story or two before we go live. Again, this will be early next year. Contracts will go out for this after the kickstarter goes live.


What happens if the Kickstarter fails?
If and when that happens (always a possibility) we will have to figure out a second way to make Grendelsong solvent. If this the case, everyone will be notified and a new plan of action will be put into place.

On failure, the third issue will still be released and in timely manner. Future issues might wait until a new solvency plan is figured out. It all depends. Since the issues are annual, this might not even effect the publication schedule.

Again, thank you, dear readers, writers, and fans of the poetic and strange, for supporting Grendelsong! Even in these tough strange times. I am excited about the future of this magazine/anthology. This will be interesting, and fun, and full of surprises. Just as a collection should be.


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